Advancing Concepts About Activity Settings Within Learning Environments




Architecture Record Issue: Schools in the 21st Century


Scans from the Architectural Record exploring 21st Century Schools.  Also the last page is the cover of another issues that highlights learning, arts, and community spaces with a social agenda.


Below is the Link to Zaha Hadid’s Project

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Here is a blog post about 12 TED talks on understanding the brain. This blog is not necessarily related to brain function and the link between learning, but incredibly interesting.

TED Blog

Read Montague is interested in the human dopamine system — or, as he puts it in this illuminating talk from TEDGlobal 2012, that which makes us “chase sex, food and salt” and therefore survive.

Specifically, Montague and his team at the Roanoke Brain Study are interested in how dopamine and valuation systems work when two human beings interact with each other. Twenty years ago, studying a topic like this was all but impossible because scientists relied on worms and rodents for insight into the brain. But today, in addition to animal research, neurobiologists have at their disposal functional MRI (fMRI), which allows them to make “microscopic blood flow movies” and map the activity of human brains in action.

“We have a behavioral superpower in our brain and it at least in part involves dopamine,” says Montague in this talk. “We can deny any instinct we have for survival…

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