Group Diagram Exercise + Observation Assignment

The task of observing a space to learn about how it functions and what the various responses are alters one’s perception of space and increases our awareness of the environment.  For my task, I chose the light rail stop outside of the 7th street market.  I assumed that the market would be lively at lunch time on a weekday and therefore the interactions of people would provide interesting opportunities for observation and diagrams.

I also wanted to try an experiment with the rest of the class.  I decided to camp out in a single location, set a timer and take a picture of the same location at the buzzer.  With the periodic interference of the train dropping new people and taking others away, the potential for an interesting intersection of activities was possible.  I gave each member of the class a different image and asked them to diagram the various spaces while telling them about my experience.  After they were done, I revealed that they were serial images and we then placed them in order so see if any new conclusions could be determined.

Unfortunately, the outside tables at the market had been moved and the stop of the light rail was the final stop on the line so the number of people within the space was severely limited.  The result was only slight variations on a scene.  I decided to continue with the experiment anyway so see if something would arise in the diagrams of my classmates and teachers.

Through this exercise I learned the importance of choosing a location, the importance of directions when you are seeking a specific type of result, the value in looking at a similar image from a variety of positions, and the importance of temporality to the identity of a space.  Attached is the pdf of the image taken, followed by the diagram by a member of the class.


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