Grind Diagrams

Grind is a relatively new coworking space in NYC.  It provides a space for freelance professionals, entrepreneurs and start ups to have a space to work and network.  Grind is one of many coworking spaces that are popping up all across the US.  Charlotte in fact has two coworking spaces that professionals can check out.

Each coworking space tends to focus on a specific group of professionals, whether it is creative fields or tech startups.  I am currently working on a matrix of various coworking spaces to begin defining the typology so that I can expand upon it, break it and even unite it with other ideas about learning and collaboration.  In addition to physical spaces, the idea of coworking has gone viral with online formats such as Loosecubes and Desktime connecting people with open spots in whatever city they are in.

These are some of the diagrams I created based on my research into Grind, the pdf lists all of them.  The link is attached to a website with an article written about Grind.


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